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Do Male to Male Body Massages Services Have Any Real Health Benefits?

If you look for proof that a male to male body massage will improve your health, you will find ample research to back you up.

Massages are linked with many real physical as well as psychological benefits like – easing muscle soreness after a workout, reducing stress, healing pain, reducing headaches, and so on.

According to a study, it was found that even a 10-minute muscle massage post workout can reduce soreness by 30%. A separate study found that stress hormone cortisol levels dropped by 31% after a rubdown and levels of feel good hormones such as serotonin and dopamine increased roughly by 30%.

Research on different forms of massages, including Male to Male Full Body Massage Services in Pune, Delhi, Mumbai, Jaipur and NCR, has found that treating yourself with a good massage can reduce muscle soreness & improve pain symptoms.

In fact, pain reduction along with relief from depression is a common benefit which is most consistently linked to massages.

Research also shows that regular massage can improve the immune system function of people suffering from breast cancer and leukemia. It also reduces their physical and emotional pain. Several MRI studies have shown that massages increase blood flow in those areas of the brain which are associated with mood & stress regulation.

Pressure receptors under your skin, increase vagal activity when stimulated. Vagus nerve is a major component of our nervous system that plays a vital role in autonomic functions such as heart rate, digestion, and breathing. Massage also offers pain-reducing benefits.

For better benefits, it is suggested by experts to have male to male massage once a week.

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