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How Important is Massage and Stretching?

Your body is always facing new challenges as you push it harder, it can cause muscles to tighten up, which can lead to knots and trigger points in the body. While you are running or riding a bike, your muscles are constantly tightening and pumping to propel you forward, and since you’re working on increasing your endurance this is happening for long periods of time. If that is happening, it is necessary to take the time to soothe the tension and work out tense points, or your body can start to overcompensate and your muscles can become imbalanced.

Doing stretching and massage after an exercise session can help keep your muscles from cramping up, which is helpful if you’ve added extra training days to your week schedule. Muscle cramps that are severe could prevent you from having a successful session, or they may set you back a day or two while they subside in the body. Common areas for cramps are calves, hamstrings, quads and feet, which are problematic for runners and cyclists and which is something not good.

Additionally, staying flexible and agile is another important aspect of sports. You need a solid range of motion, which is improved by flexibility, and you need to be quick on your feet. To achieve flexibility and agility, you should engage in dynamic stretching as part of your warm up and static stretching during your cool down.

You can also provide a self massage to your leg, back and arm muscles to keep them loose or get it from a professional which would be more beneficial. Whether you opt for a deep tissue or relaxation massage, it will also help you sleep better so your body can rejuvenate and lower stress levels, which may increase when you think about the upcoming race as a sports person. A foot massage is especially helpful if you experience plantar fasciitis or Achilles tendonitis, which require at least a few days of rest if they act up. Massage can also help you to relax after your competitions too and at Male to Male Body Massage in Bangalore we have it all.

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