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Is Massage a Remedy to Recover from Injuries

Massage can play an important role in the process of injury rehabilitation. Massage
encourages blood circulatory movement and relaxes muscles. Massage helps to deliver
more oxygen and nutrients to soft tissues and organs. An increase of vital nutrients into the
tissues accelerates the healing rate of injured areas. Massage can help a range of injuries
including sprains, strains, broken bones and muscles tears. Using a variety of massage
techniques, massage can stretch out tightness and loosen scar tissue. Using massage as
part of injury rehabilitation can increase healing rate and shorten recovery time. Massage
therapists working at Physio.co.uk provide effective massage treatments during recovery
after injury.
Massage is used to treat tight muscles post-injury. Muscles commonly tighten after injury
which leads to restrictive movements. Injury can affect a muscle’s optimum length which
results in an increase of tightness. Muscles are made up of overlapping fibres. If a muscle is
tight, fibres overlap too much causing lack of flexibility. Male to Male Body Massage in Mumbai can
help increase the temperature of tissues to loosen and stretch them. Stretched fibres allow
muscles to function better and injury recovery to be improved.
Massage is an effective treatment to reduce scarring after injury. Scarring is the natural
healing process of damaged tissues. The body produces collagen fibres and sends them to
repair around an injury site. Collagen fibers differ in texture to normal tissue fibres. Collagen
is tough in texture and lays across the direction of muscle fibres. Scarring can be restrictive
and aggravate to cause pain. Hot Male Massage uses specialized techniques to
loosen, break down and realign collagen fibres. Reduced scar tissue increases the normal
function of soft tissues, decreasing pain and tightness.

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