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Massage Therapies as Per Your Stress Levels

There are different types of massage therapies performed but since now every second person is dealing with stress, so we have listed the Different Male to Male Body Massage Service in Mumbai you should go for as per your stress levels.

Stretch Massage (for low to medium stress)

  • This massage helps elongate the muscles by relaxing them and then rubbing them to increase blood flow.
  • A large part of the stress present in the body is due to the uneven exertion of muscles during the hectic day schedule.
  • Stretch massage is vital to even out the muscles to their natural position and thereby reducing the aches and pains that add to the physical sensation of stress.
  • These changes in turn can aid in curing the amount of emotional or mental stress one is undergoing.

Thai Massage/s (for medium stress)

  • These massages are part of the healing sciences associated with Buddhist monks.
  • Thai Massage focus on the body’s central meridian, analysing the energy networks that run all over the body.
  • It is believed that if all energy is focused on the central meridian, which are the primary cause of stress, will be reduced.

LomiLomi Massage (Moderate to high stress)

  • Lomilomi is suggested as a high stress buster and mot as a low stress buster.
  • It is one of the more complex, time consuming and difficult to customize massages.
  • If you have the patience and expertise to customize lomilomi, you can freely apply it to virtually any stressful scenario you like.

Swedish Massage (High Stress)

  • The presence of a Swedish massage option can be highly ameliorative where stress is leading to serious health issues like blood sugar and high blood pressure.
  • The system is specifically aimed at reducing the stress-inducing hormones like cortisol and epinephrine, and thus providing the body some much-needed relaxation.
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