Male Body Massage in Bangalore

Relieve Every Tight Muscles of your Body by Hot Male Massage

Full body massage may take many forms because of the varieties of massage, or say modalities. While giving a massage the focus is on the feet, legs, hips, back, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, and occasionally, the face. The portions of the body included are as per the needs of the patient and characteristics of the modality. It must be practiced to include at least the majority of the body area while giving a full body massage.

Before giving a massage, take an intake interview with your client to learn of his goals for massage and medical conditions as well. While giving a Male to Male Body Massage in Bangalore, develop a mental flowchart map which areas of the body you will massage and the time you will allot to do massage. Apply petrissage, a milking type of stroke and local compression to work specific muscles.

Transition from the legs to the back and begin another series of long, effleurage strokes on both sides of the spine, covering the back. Use fingers, knuckles to work more deeply after the tissue is lubricated and warmed. Relieve tight muscles by working not only on the tight areas but also by working along the whole length of the muscles with appropriate strokes, such as petrissage, compression friction, and percussion with the sides of hands.

Work on the client’s arms and hands in either the face down or face up position, depending on where you want him to turn over. At Hot Male Massage in Bangalore, it is assured that every portion of the body is taken care of very gently and is relaxing. Finish with the effleurage strokes and move to the opposite arm,

Press down across the tops of the shoulders and use petrissage of moderate intensity in this area, which is prone to significant muscle tension. Stroke across the upper chest and collarbone area but avoid the front of the neck. Work with the feet last to avoid spreading bacteria to the rest of the body. Poll and lightly pull each toe.

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